Our certified pre-owned hot tubs go through a rigorous makeover process. Every aspect of the hot tub is inspected and tested from the pumps, heating elements, pipes, and control panels, to the cosmetic features like the pillows and cabinets. We strive to ensure that you are buying a high-quality used hot tub.

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All of our certified used hot tubs include a 60-day warranty
so you can relax knowing H.U.L.K. is here anytime to answer
any questions you may have and fix any unforeseen issues.

We use American made parts and work hand in hand
with the AahsSpas factory to rebuild all of our tubs with quality
craftsmanship and our personal customer service touch.

Our 4-Step Certification Process

We go through a meticulous certification process to provide you with a like new product.


1. Leak Test

Each hot tub is thoroughly inspected for leaks around the fixtures, jets, pumps, heaters, and pipe fittings. The motor compartment is inspected inside and out using cold water, hot water, high and low pump pressure, and circulation pressure to ensure there are no leaks or drips. If a leak is found we will reseal, replace, or repair the leak and then do another full test to ensure the problem has been addressed. The entire process can take one to two weeks, and once completed we will inspect the areas in and around the tub for water. We then move the tub to ensure there is no water underneath. A hot tub can only be certified if there is no indication of leaks, drips, or standing water.


2. Temp Test

A passing grade for a hot tub is when it heats as it was designed. Some hot tubs only heat during jet performance or with pumps on a circulation setting. During a temperature test the tub is filled with cold water; we watch for rise in temperature and set a timer to evaluate how long it takes the water to get to the proper temperature. Water volume plays a big part in a hot tub’s expected reheat time.

3. Pillows Disinfected/Replaced


Pillows that have been waterlogged or rusty need replaced for sanitation purposes. If pillows are in good condition we soak them for 24 hours to disinfect and restore them if they can be salvaged. Restoring pillows instead of replacement can pass significant savings on to our customers. Not all pillows are deemed worthy of restoration and must be replaced. We strive to find original pillows to maintain the proper branding and style put in place by the tub’s original manufacturer.

4. Filters Replaced


For sanitation reasons all filters are replaced. Occasionally, we may feel the need to test a system with the filter installed. Part of our sanitation process is using high concentration chemicals to clean internal components. We may need to pressure test a pump or the waterflow through a feature or fixture. During a pressure test we will install a new filter. Most of the time we will unwrap the filter in front of the client so they can see it is new and sanitized.

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Thank you the hot tub is awesome. I really appreciate you finding me just what I needed.

Karren from Rogers, Arkansas

Excellent service!!! Very responsive and followed up to make sure we were taken care of on our new hot tub cover. Even delivered it to our home personally!! A+ 5 stars

Scott from Springfield, Missouri

Great to deal with. Did everything they said they would. Would recommend to anyone wanting a tub. Thanks again!

The Campbells

Hired to move our spa & did a super job! Very knowledgeable and experienced. Was able to do it cheaper than anyone!

Deb from Carls Junction, Missouri

Bruce with HULK was awesome. He replaced our rotten tub supports and moved the tub same day. THANKS!

Luke from Branson, Missouri

Hulk Hot Tubs did an excellent job moving my hot tub from more than an hour away, taking it to the shop to rebuild/replace the no working parts, them setting it up. Excellent services. Very reasonably priced.

Nicole Hubbard

This company was great to work with. Will be using them in the future.

Mr Kiser
We are located in Springfield, MO and our moving services will help you relocate within the great states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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